Friday, 30 January 2015

Rinse and repeat.. then surrendering

Sometimes the hardest thing is letting things lie. 
It's almost the same juxtaposition of feeling of mourning and letting things die. 
It entails the same relinquishing of control... And the same ensuing chaos. 
It's much like a dam on a river. Sealing off the cracks will delay the inevitable but not for long. 
The thing to bear in mind is directional flow. The tide, this life will flow where it will, where it wants to... 
And sometimes circumstances are borne to find their end, and from there, it's beginning. 
Ensuing chaos it might look, but only to outside perception and to a self journey, that means very little. 
Its hardly a molten pot of random ill fated circumstances that make no sense. 
We just don't know where it's headed one minute to the next. 
At the time it's difficult, it's strenuous and testing. 
It hurts deeply. 
But it's a necessary conclusion to all ending of pain, leading to a swift resolution, and enough time out with hindsight- has new knowledge, hidden virtues of strength gathered, humility born, and the ability to deal with challenges of lesser or similar extent with greater ability. 
And these things are impermanent. 
The truth is, the loss of control is our grappling with trying to stay solid. 
As if we needed to know... We need maintain a facade of 'tough' and status quo in mindset to preserve our safety. 
It's the greatest lie we know, when the truth is that we are already strong. That's a far more powerful solidity that we haven't quite gathered yet. 
And we are already safe. 
Even when we aren't. We can keep ourselves safe.... By continuing on. 
We will not break. We aren't diseased and dying trees. 
Sometimes life will take you where it will. Sometimes things need to become yesterday. 
Sometimes surrender is an inevitable necessity. 
And sometimes, if we just take a minute, a breath and wait it out... 
It just might make us.