Thursday, 9 February 2017

Flying the coop

Hi my little blog. It's been a long time!

Where to start- besides the fact that there have been blog posts made but never made it out of the ether due to my own hypervigilance on my privacy and anonymity-
I've stepped out.
This past year has been a dizzying, stressful and miraculous year. Life changes that had been waiting in the wings for so long- finally happened. We have a gorgeous little home- and I am blessed with a beautiful family now, all of my own.

Every day with them is peaceful, positive, loving, and full of laughter. And I truly do feel blessed.

The journey hasn't reached actualisation point though, I've still got so far to go- I've felt like I've become a little loud within myself for a while now. Maybe it's coming full circle or moving so fast that my insides are struggling to catch up- I'm not sure.
What I do know is this-
Nothing. I know nothing. And in the case of my own evolution- to use outgrown methods to regain equilibrium is akin to walking the same dead end.
And it hasn't been much of a case of learning more- but a case of accepting- and trying to have faith in the fact that the lie of the old will cease to shout eventually. Accepting reality- checking evidence- and realizing now that I am a perfect fit for my own life.

I finally belong to something beautiful. I'm so grateful for that.