Friday, 29 November 2013

Thank you xx

I've had a few situations lately that have highlighted some unresolved pain in me. And fear, that maybe, I'm not quite ready for the world yet.
Or maybe that I'm not quite ready to come face to face with something I left behind.
 I've been filled with apprehension and hurt, one of those feelings that have taken a full body and made themselves more real, by coming right to the surface.

But as I have found with any pain, there's gold waiting.

As much as again, I've picked up the slack of myself and my ego, I've seen that I can allow myself to feel the frequency and bring myself away. That self-soothing, to be able to let the tears flow, and to take a little time to sit with it, and offer care- I feel better. And I can do it myself.

There was one other that in the lowest time of my life offered me a loving hand. That touched me on a deep level and I have never forgotten it. There have been more testaments to that beauty since.
And now, I realize that as much as I forget myself, as much as the frustration builds that I am not there, that I am not living as I should- I have learned to feel better.

That is the gold. I'm further than I thought.

So, this is for the loving teachers, and I have a great gratitude for them.

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