Friday, 9 July 2010


whirling dervish
killing time
and conception of thought and idea
chaos and adrenaline fueled
eyes of fire and water
deafens me with feeling
I cannot hear or see beyond

Something holds me
beyond whirling dervish
something tells me to wait
the dust clouds will settle
the sand will leave my tired eyes

My ears return
the quiet becomes a stillness
I wait in trepidation, listening
I may not hear it yet
but my psyche feels the pulse
my mind catches a new awareness
butterfly caught in a net
the Universe is speaking to me

I cast out my line- my need
can you hear me?
at this moment whirling dervish
threatens to return with more dust for my sight
I forget in that moment that I must just listen

I must be quiet and wait
I must feel the pulse and wait
I must listen to new awareness
and feel the deep stirring within
The growth is far more liberating
than the need inside
I choose to wait, be quiet and listen

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