Tuesday, 13 July 2010


For me, there's one symbol that is hope, and something that tells me that I'm going in the right direction- it's something that calls me to listen, or that I'm being listened to when I ask for the counsel of the Universe.
It's a little blue butterfly, also known as the Common Blue. Out here on the Somerset Levels, it's not a rare sight, but I don't see them unless I ask to. I haven't taken leave of my senses lol... it's true. It's also the symbol of NAR- and I stumbled on to them through something my mum blurted in sheer frustration- NARCISSIST. I googled and ended up in a place of understanding, love, support, and wisdom and unbreakable bonds. I owe a great debt to that place and all of the wonderful friends I have made there- because even though we haven't met- we all see each other's light. That's an incredibly beautiful thing.

Today I stumbled upon my little blue butterfly, and I actually hadn't seen him for weeks. I was feeling a little lost and stuck, and was calling out for some help. I read a little bit of the book 'Embracing Ourselves' this morning, opened up to a page and the words 'Despondent Child' leapt out at me. In the paragraph it was talking about how in the Voice Dialogue, a client had started to work with a disowned energy pattern that was helpful to her- that allowed her to be in the forefront, and live for herself, and wanted her to be noticed for the things she was doing. She felt enlightened by this experience, only to be troubled at the next session because another very angry and embittered disowned energy had come to the forefront and squashed the other energy pattern that wanted acknowledgement.
I feel like this was a little nudging for me to look in this direction for what is happening to me. It was further solidified as what I should be looking into by the little blue today. It turned up at the precise moment I said 'despondent child' and flitted right past my face, and then seemed to disappear into the grass. After this, I continued to walk and found myself saying- "But I can't do all of this..." And another Blue came right past me. Yes, I can do it. I'm being told I can.
As I walked back home, I came to another little Blue, just sat in the grass. He wasn't moving, just sat there. He fell off his little blade of grass, and was squashed so I parted the grass with my fingers, and he crawled up again and looked right at me. I thanked him for his gift to me, thanked him for guiding me and moved on.

I possibly sound certifiable, but something is at work here, and as long as it's leading me in the right direction, on the right path, then it doesn't matter. Just wanted to share this.

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